From The Mountains To The Sea

by Noise Brigade

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letzgetzesty Brilliant offering - easycore / pop punk - worth a listen for sure - the Ace Of Base cover alone is enough to throw these dudes some love Favorite track: The Sign (Ace of Base cover) [Bandcamp exclusive bonus track].
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It's been a long, strange year away.


released March 1, 2016

Doug Jones - Vocals/Guitar
Nathan Nelson - Vocals/Guitar
Luc Atencio - Bass
Elias Cobb - Drums/Vocals

Photography and album design by Andrew Le
Recorded/mixed/mastered @ Pizza Engine Audio, Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Noise Brigade Portland, Oregon

Punk Rock/Pop Punk.
Manic Kat Records.

Doug Jones
Nathan Nelson
Luc Atencio
Elias Cobb


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Track Name: The First Order
I've been on 7 years and thinking
How I fell on my face flat
And how I ended up in this mess of a landslide
Fighting it all, saying it back
Turning my anger to a postive track
And I think I'm seeing everything as clearly as I can
Swallow your guilt and see
Yourself in a way that can't be unseen
When you leap, everyone will know

And nothing was the same
But we've found a better way
I've turned around and locked the door
No looking back, not any more
They'll find me
Dancing on your grave
What a way to celebrate
So long goodbye, it's no surprise
We're taking over
While we're still young

I'm leaning on myself, I'm turning on my own
I'm feeling like the person that I never was before
Drowning, I don't need
Anyone to tell me that this hole I dug is too deep

(I don't know how this will all turn around
I feel the weight of it all fall down)

I don't care how you've been
We'll never speak again
Good fucking riddance I say
So if you're wondering
I'm not your fucking friend
Good fucking riddance, it's the end.

(Contentment and complacency are two very different things, and for once I'm feeling neither in anticipation for what this brings. Maybe my purpose has been revealed. Maybe I'm more than the things I'm afraid to feel. All I know is that sometimes it takes everything left in my soul to continue, but I'm taking that as a challenge now unlike ever before.
Because the future is brighter than the bridges burned and the road is illuminated with the lessons learned. These days will be looked back upon as some of the best of my life and nothing and nobody can take that away. I am not afraid. I am not afraid. I am not afraid. This is where our journey truly begins. This is where the old me ceases to exist. This is the bridge between who I am and who I want to be. This is our journey from the mountains to the sea.)
Track Name: River City Ransom
I told you once before but now I mean it
We're better than this

So here it goes:
I'm writing down a letter just to tell you
That it's all good
And no one knows
Exactly how to make it through the bullshit
Much less alone

It's not about the bad times
But you can only roll with the punches
For so long

I told you once before but now I mean it
We're better than this
The story's on your lips but it's a long one
I don't wanna hear it,
You don't wanna say a word

I tried for years
To be the man I knew I could be
But it took the earth
Crumbling and crushing me

To clear my mind
And put me on a path to understanding
Just where I stood
And what I learned is
It's not about the end or the beginning
But that winding road

Don't ignore the good times
You can only tread this shallow water for so long

You'll fall
You'll see
And I'll walk away from everything
And break down this wall
Your name's stamped on this box for you
When your heart's on sideways, I'll spill my guts to you
Track Name: Show's Over, Jazzman
Shoot me in the back with your words, they called it
Murder with no judgement
Fall back, turn around, race around the track,
I told you man, I called it
Take a little more, spread it out
and read your shit before it blows up
Running your mouth won't turn a lie
into corporate meeting of layoffs

Rinse, repeat, shake off, deceive
Turn back the time, and take a leap
Push and shove, give up to try
Look down the hole, reach out

You won't bring me down again
Don't even call me your friend
Check yourself, it's worth your time
Breaking necks won't break my spine

I've been thinking about the times we've spent
the years we've had to grow
made me see that there's a consequence
for all the words untold
You jumped the gun when it came out
You shouldve talked to me about
everything and maybe then you'd see
we weren't the ones who'd disagree
You should have fucking talked to me

Dwell in your place of confidence
Stand tall, and shove all your doubt in it
When looking for a reason is your primary target,
I'll know who to look for
and kill what I started
Track Name: Northern Lights
It's cold
Like somehow I forgot
I can't believe I left this place
And the people that I can't replace
And I'll stand outside to take it in
And I'll think about where I've been since

And it's pulling at my arm to stay
And I would if there was any way
But adventure still does call my name
And coming back don't feel the same

Oh, it’s been a long six months away
And it’s true what they all say
you don’t know what you’ve got
until it’s just a memory

When I look at all I left behind
It's hard to justify
Following these crazy dreams
The calming comfort of familiar faces
Smiling back at me
I can't let myself regret this journey
From the mountains to the sea

And as the tears roll down my face
I come to terms
That when I come back home
It's natural to hurt
I can't shake images of how we were
And I hugged my dad without a word

Oh, it’s been a long ten months away
And it’s true what they all say
you don’t know what you’ve got
until it’s just a memory
and I will fight the sun for sleep
at 1 o clock in the morning
It’s like I never left
But I did and it’s for the best

I'm sinking to the bottom of the sea
The pressure in my lungs is killing me
here I sit and wonder who I am
But pieces of my long lost friends

Oh, it’s been a long, strange year away
And it’s true what they all say
you don’t know what you’ve got
until it’s just a memory
and I will fight the sun for sleep
at 5 o clock in the morning
It’s like I never left
But I did and it’s for the best

Closed some doors and opened more
To find ourselves on distant shores
We all feel the ice inside our veins
Frozen roots will never fade
Track Name: I Sold My Blue Eyes White Dragon For You
Pick me up, pick me up
Hold you back
I got a feeling in my chest just like a heart attack
And I know
You think you got a grasp on me
Rip away my chest, taking out my knees
Fooling yourself just to play around
Your body language calling a game of cat and mouse
Its a sure fire way to get my feelings hurt
The pin in the grenade, diving in feet first

It's alright, it's alright
I never see you there, doesn't work
it's not right
You got the hands that feeds
And it bites, I won't lie
It's not a fashion sense
A long blade works unless it dull at the end

You got your lips turned on
Your long blonde hair
I see you take a look back
And you're catching my stare
I wanna let know, you're only wasting time
(It only works half the time)
Picking it up, with a flick of your wrist
You got an open cast call, and it makes me sick
I wanna let know, you're only wasting time

Slow it down, slow it down
Back on track
Im riding on the wagon, while my heads intact
Look me in the eye and tell me I'm right
Walk the other away, don't try to pick this fight

When it all falls down who will help in the end

Grind my teeth and work it out then
While I light my match and burn down your bridge
It's a sick disease that make you feel tough
on the backwards travel of lying and trust
Track Name: Don't You Dare
Just wait
’til it's over and done with
you're not always in control
And you'll be
such a shining example
of how to hold on to hope
I’ve seen
a million examples
and all of them break my heart
Trust me,
I’ve seen this before
it looks a lot like where we are

Falling short of goals
Hung up on dial tones

Carve my eyes out
so I don't see the world around me fall apart
Please just slow down
‘cause I don't understand the way that I'm feeling

I don’t speak the same as I used to
I’ve learned a lot of things
and gained a new perspective
I don’t wanna be afraid
I’ll bridge the gap between
who I am and who I want to be

Don't you dare give up on this
Don’t you think you won’t be missed

"It's all perspective" she said;
"don't let it get to your head"
The things you think define you
keep you up when you're in bed
Would my younger self look up
to who I came to be,
or do I disappoint even
the wide-eyed optimist in me?

I don't hear anything
unless it brings me down
The sunny days carry no weight
like the rainy ones in this town,
so I hold my breath
hope for the best
I'm convinced things have a way
of working out, so
don't you dare give up on this
Track Name: This IS The Ride
I can be a narcissist at times
Always running on empty and finding ways to to coincide
with all the feelings that I barely show
while telling the friends I know,
that im washed up, and fucked up
and beat up, and little bit uncontrolled

Stick myself inside this shell of mine
I'll paint you a picture with my force fed lies
I'll show you the ropes, just help me untie mine
Rock me back and forth
And tell me, ya tell me
Everything's alright

Easy living's got price that's hard to pay
Like when I ask you honestly what you think of me
My forceful habits got a mind of their own
Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go

We're miles away
We're miles away
My compass is broken, pointing me the wrong way
We're miles away
We're miles away
I keep telling myself, that things right now are okay

Just trying to take control of my life
At every turn seems like it's fight after fight
There's another hurdle between me
And the me that I wanna be

I'm on the phone and I hear you breathe
he only thing that keeps me going
I try my best not to think out loud
I'm locked in this cage from the inside out

I got my head on loose
Untie me from my noose
I've got a mixed up mind
Of black and yellow turpentine
Track Name: A Shark, A Duck, And An Awkward Interview
A shotgun anthem forming all of these scars
Winning back yard dreams, to watch it all fall apart
I'll try my best at this
I'll learn to look both ways
We'll leap and take the dive
We'll do it our own way
And we'll say

I will, you'll see
I'll prove everyone there's something
I can't believe
The only one holding back is me

Spent our nights living in the back of the car
As we play our songs to empty rooms and parking lots and we're
Barely getting paid, sometimes just on luck
so we'll try to sell a t shirt for a couple of bucks
And I'm trying to live
And I'm trying to cope
I keep running off fumes
But always run out of of hope
When your picture perfect dream seems like it's all just a waste
Will it stay in your mouth and leave a bitter taste

Crawl down, fall in
I speak for myself, and every house that I've slept in
Shut out, uplift
When you tell me I waste it on my end
With a photograph memory and the friends that we've met, I'll never trade away, and I'll never forget

I'll never forget this place
On our own what we create
Track Name: The Sign (Ace of Base cover) [Bandcamp exclusive bonus track]
I've got a new life
You'd hardly recognize me, I'm so glad
How could a person like me care for you?
Why would I bother when you're not the one for me?
Whoa, is enough enough?

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light
Where you belong, but where do you belong?

Under the clear moon
For so many years I've wondered who you are
How could a person like you bring me joy?
Under the pale moon where I see a lot of stars
Is enough enough?

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
And I am happy now living without you
I left you, oh

[I saw the sign]

[Nathan being an idiot]